MyCryptoChat is a simple PHP encrypted chat rooms manager where EVERYTHING is encrypted
on the client side, so no one can spy on what you say, not even the people here at MyCryptoChat.

In saying that, it should be noted that there isn't a facility that can't be hacked including but not
limited to both government and big business installations, it depends on how keen the hacker is,
and while our site is VERY secure we strongly recommend that should your conversation be top
secret that you don't use any online facility regularly but rather mix it up with other methodology.

Kindly note we reserve the right to and in actuality restrict the use of IP address's belonging to
individuals and areas of the world that may potentially use this service to the detriment of others.

Features :

Number of online users in the chat is displayed.

Uses Vizhash to generate an avatar for individual users.

Each chat room has an expiration time (5 minutes to forever).

Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES.

You can change the encryption key in your browser to set your own key.

Even the operators of this website are unable to intercept your conversations.

You can set the chat room to auto destruct if more than one other person enters.

The encryption is done by your browser, so the server doesn't know what you are saying.

KISS principle with only 3 buttons to "Mute Sound" or "Create a ChatRoom" and "Send your Message".

Use of this website for anything that is illegal or unlawful is strictly forbidden and WILL result in an IP address ban !